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How Much for that Doggie?

Above The Notch Humane Society | Doggies Pt.1
Doggies Pt.1
Doggies Pt.2
Doggies Pt.3

Ammonoosuc Times readers make known their favorite quadrupeds....

Mac and Kessie NAMES: Mac and Kessie
AGES: 6 and 3
PEDIGREE: Bernese Mountain Dogs
COMPANIONS: Barbie Beck-Wilczek and Bill Wilczek
HOMETOWN: Littleton, N.H.
OCCUPATION: Family pets and Registered Therapy Dogs
HAPPIEST WHEN: Visiting our friends and making new ones at Littleton Regional Hospital, Riverglen Assisted Living Facility and Morrison Nursing Home.
MAC SAYS: Watch for us pulling our carts and wagons in the next Littleton parade.
KESSIE SAYS: I'll do anything for food!
WHY WE LOVE OUR DOGS: Our dogs are a part of our family and we enjoy being able to share them with the community.
(Interested readers can learn more about Mac and Kessie at

Meg NAME: Meg
AGE: 7
PEDIGREE: Standard Poodle
WEIGHT: 52 pounds
COMPANION: Bobbie Barrand
HOMETOWN: Franconia, N.H.
HAPPIEST WHEN: Crowding Bobbie off the bed
MEG SAYS: "Woof!"
WHY I LOVE MY DOG: "Her companionship. I've spent only one night without her since I've had her."

Ferdinand NAME: Ferdinand
PEDIGREE: Newfoundland-Shepherd (mix)
AGE: 2 and 1/2 years old
OWNERS/COMPANIONS: Emily and Dave Alberini (of EH Floral's FloraLatte)
HOMETOWN: Littleton, N.H.
HAPPIEST WHEN: Playing tennis ball with customers or at the volleyball court.
WHY I LOVE MY DOG: Because he's my best working companion!

JP & duncan NAME: J.P.
PEDIGREE: Australian Ridgeback and Heinz 57
AGE: 9 years
HOMETOWN: South Franconia
BUSINESS: Franconia Landscape Supply and Safe Place Storage
HAPPIEST WHEN: (Note Red Sox cap.) "When Manny hits a home run with the bases loaded!"
MY DOG SAYS: I look forward to skiing Mount Eustis.
WHY I LOVE MY DOG: Because he's a Red Sox fan.

Buz and Woody NAMES: Buz and Woody
PEDIGREE: Yellow Labs
AGE: Buz is 2 years old, Woody 1 1/2
OWNER/COMPANION: Bruce, Lucille (pictured), Amy and Gracie
BUSINESS: Franconia Landscape Supply and Safe Place Storage Favorite Activity: Chasing a ball! Chasing a stick! Swimming!
MY DOGS SAY: Woody: "I like socializing with my neighbors in the Easton Valley! Buz: "Gimme the stick! Gimme the stick!"
WHY I LOVE MY DOGS: Because they love us back.

Max and Cooper NAMES: Max and Cooper
PEDIGREE: Bloodhound and beagle mix
AGE: 1.5 years and 7 years
OWNER/COMPANION: Bethany (pictured), Chad and Lisa Pelotte.
HOMETOWN: Bethlehem
FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Cooper is happiest when we are outside playing fetch or keep away. Max is happiest when he gets treats.
MY DOGS SAY: "Love me, love me, love me. "
WHY I LOVE MY DOGS: They complete our family. They bring great joy and love into our home.

Notorious NAME: Notorious
PEDIGREE: Tea Cup Pomeranian
AGE: Eight Months
OWNER/COMPANION: Valerie Magoon (Granddaughter of Russ & Lucy of Littleton)
HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA
BUSINESS: Casting Associate, most recently with the movie Dark Water, and the TV series Boston Legal
FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Playing with her celebrity puppy friends Latte, a Maltese owned by Heather Locklear and Josie, a Lhasa Apso, owned by Kerry Washington
NOTORIOUS SAYS: "I love Grammy Lucy and Pappa Magoon" -- followed by "Do you have anything to eat?"
WHY I LOVE MY DOG: She's my sidekick. She goes everywhere with me, even to work. When I first saw Notorious coming toward me in her purse-like carrier, she looked like a little black bear. She is lively, playful and full of energy, despite her small stature.

Dakota & Bruno NAMES: Dakota and Bruno
PEDIGREE: Black Lab Mix
AGES: 4 and 1
OWNER/COMPANION: Dylan Ridley, Kris Ridley and Tanya Reardon.
MY DOG IS HAPPIEST: When I play with them and give them treats.
DOGS SAY: Woof, woof. We want to play with our Dylan.
WHY I LOVE MY DOGS: Because they protect me and love me so much

Doggies Pt.1 | Doggies Pt.2 | Doggies Pt.3 | Above The Notch Humane Society

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