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How Much for that Doggie?

Above The Notch Humane Society | Doggies Pt.1
Doggies Pt.1
Doggies Pt.3
Doggies Pt.4

Ammonoosuc Times readers make known their favorite quadrupeds....

Mason NAME - Emmit.
BREED - Chocolate Lab.
AGE - 2 years.
HOMETOWN - Littleton.
COMPANION - Nealy Mason.
BUSINESS - CenterPoint Business Advisors, Inc.
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES - Hiking the Parker Mountain Trail and playing ball.
EMMIT SAYS - "Did you say 'W. A. L. K.'?
WHY I LOVE MY DOG - "Because he is a great friend and sleeps with me at night!"
Littleton Bikeshop & friend NAME - Dolly.
BREED - Mix.
AGE - 7 years.
COMPANIONS - Dave and Maggie.
BUSINESS - Littleton Bike Shop.
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES - Accompanying mountain bikers!
JAKE SAYS - "I'll take another Scoobie!"
WHY I LOVE MY DOG - "Because she never leaves our side."
Jake NAME - Jake.
BREED - Chocolate Lab.
AGE - 9 months.
HOMETOWN - Littleton.
COMPANIONS - Millie and Peter.
BUSINESS - Union Bank.
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES - Fetching - Ball-playing.
JAKE SAYS - "I'm totally devoted to Millie and Peter!"
WHY I LOVE MY DOG - "Because he's totally devoted to us!"
Angus and Monty NAMES - Angus and Monty.
BREED - Both "lovingly adopted". Both part Maine Coon Cat.
AGES - Angus: 5 months. Monty: 4 1/2 years.
HOMETOWN - Franconia
COMPANIONS - Ron and Sally Small
BUSINESS - Town of Franconia town offices.
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES - Angus: "Running after my big brother, Monty." Monty: "Taking care of Angus."
ANGUS SAYS - "I'm the luckiest kitten in the world."
MONTY SAYS - "I just wish they'd let me out some day."
WHY WE LOVE OUR CATS - "They bring joy to our lives and they're cheaper than kids."
Haiku NAME - Haiku.
BREED - Undetermined.
AGE - 4 months.
HOMETOWN - Franconia.
COMPANIONS - Kim (pictured), Tim, Anne and Tuck Cowles.
BUSINESS - Franconia Sport Shop.
HAIKU SAYS - "What's for supper?"
WHY I LOVE MY DOG - "How can you NOT love him?"
Emmitt NAME - Emmitt.
BREED - Golden Retriever.
AGE - 4 1/2 years.
HOMETOWN - Bethlehem.
COMPANION - Chip Stowell.
BUSINESS - Whitney's.
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES - Chasing a stick.
EMMITT SAYS - "Allright! Let's go play!"
WHY I LOVE MY DOG - "He's a great friend."
Jacques Brusseau NAME ... Jacques Brusseau
BREED ... Shih Tzu
AGE ... 11 weeks
HOMETOWN ... Bethlehem
COMPANION ... Jordan and Garette
BUSINESS ... LRH and Littleton Fire Dept.
FAVORITE ACTIVITY ... Chewing on things and chasing his toy cow.
JACQUES SAYS ... "I like my new home!"
WHY I LOVE MY DOG ... "Because he's playful!"
Benjamin Agassiz Bear NAME ... Benjamin Agassiz Bear "BEN"
BREED ... Black Lab
AGE ... 20 months
HOMETOWN ... Bethlehem
Companion ... Bruce & Jody Blaney
BUSINESS ... Brookside Farm
FAVORITE ACTIVITY ... Riding on the golf cart and playing tennis ball-golf on the lawn.
Ben SAYS ... "I'm ready to play anytime with anyone!"
WHY I LOVE MY DOG ... "Ben is an incredible companion. Once I give anyone, including little children, his commands, he will obey them. He just loves people and lives to please!"
Amy's Dachsund NAME ... Amy
BREED ... Dachsund
AGE ... 8 years
HOMETOWN ... Bethlehem
COMPANION ... Jan Kotok
BUSINESS ... Retired
FAVORITE ACTIVITY ... Sleeping in the sun or under her "blanky"
AMY SAYS ... "I love you!"
WHY I LOVE MY DOG ... "Because of her sweet nature and good companionship."
Emotional Rescue Rabbit NAME ... Frodo
PEDIGREE ... Rescued, generic rabbit
AGE ... 8 years
HOMETOWN ... Easton
COMPANIONS ... Ellen and Marek Malessa
BUSINESS ... Littleton Regional Hospital and The House Rabbit Society
OCCUPATION ... Mood Elevator
HAPPIEST WHEN ... I am fed new Cheerios
FRODO SAYS: "Forget the carrots. I love parsley, dandelions and willow branches."
WHY I LOVE MY RABBIT - Ellen Says: "She gives a new meaning to the word "cuddle bunny"
Office Doggie NAME ... Spot
BREED ... Black Lab/Dalmation
AGE ... 4 months
HOMETOWN ... Littleton
COMPANIONS ... Janet Parker and family
BUSINESS ... Littleton Office Supply
FAVORITE ACTION ... Diving into the water
SPOT SAYS ... "Life is good!"
WHY I LOVE MY DOG ... "Unconditional love."
Tug and Spud NAMES - Tug and Spud.
BREED - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
AGE - 8 years.
HOMETOWN - Littleton.
COMPANIONS - Wayne Records.
BUSINESS - Pennock Sales and Service.
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES - Rolling in the snow.
BOTH SAY - "Rub my belly, again!"
WHY I LOVE MY DOGS - "Because they still do what they were originally bred for: friendly lap warmers."

Doggies Pt.1 | Doggies Pt.3 | Doggies Pt.4 | Above The Notch Humane Society

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