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How Much for that Doggie?

Above The Notch Humane Society | Doggies Pt.1
Doggies Pt.1
Doggies Pt.2
Doggies Pt.4

Ammonoosuc Times readers make known their favorite quadrupeds....

Kashi NAME - Kashi
BREED - Chow and German Shepherd (Rescued from NYC's East Side.)
AGE - 7 years
HOMETOWN - Sugar Hill
COMPANIONS - Luther, Zora and baby Lola Kinney
BUSINESS - Ski Hearth Farm
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES - Playing in the river and eating
KASHI SAYS - "Don't treat me as if I were a dog!"
WHY WE LOVE OUR DOG - "He's part of the pack."

Onyx NAME - Onyx
BREED - Black Lab
AGE - 10 months
HOMETOWN - Littleton
Companion - Tom Ritchotte
BUSINESS - Crosstown Motors
FAVORITE ACTIVITY - Hiking with Hunter and Jewel
ONYX says - "Come in, look at the cars and give me a treat!"
WHY I LOVE MY DOG - "He fills in a good spot in the family.

Wedding On October 23, 2004 at 11:00 A.M. Smokey and Moxie were united in marriage on their deck off center Hill Road in Landaff. The ceremony was officiated by Justice of the Peace, Dawn Burleson of Woodsville. The bride, Smokey, was given away by her mother Kitty Greeley (also the mother of the groom, Moxie) of Landaff. In attendance were a few hand (err paw picked) guests from as far afield as Bethlehem and North Haverhill, NH and Ryegate, VT.

The bride wore a tiara and an off-the-shoulder (more times than not) lace veil and the groom sported a dashing silk scarf. The wedding procession was accompanied by the music "How Much is that Doggie in the Window". The three-tiered wedding cake was delicately flavored with beef bouillon and glazed with peanut butter icing. The buffet menu included delicacies such as hot dog casserole, hush puppies and chow-mien. Highlights of the reception included a Scooby-doo piñata. After the festivities, the bride and groom were spirited away for their honeymoon with showers of Kibbles and Bits, in lieu of rice.

Gretchen & Betsy NAMEs ... Gretchen and Betsy
BREED ... American Shorthair
AGE ... 4 months
HOMETOWN ... Originally Lancaster
COMPANION ... Renata Sanghavi (for now)
-- Gretchen is up for adoption*
-- Betsy is spoken for
BUSINESS ... The Cat's Pajamas
(Luxury boarding for cats)
FAVORITE ACTIVITY ... Chasing the bird toy
GRETCHEN SAYS ... "Please give me a good home."
BETSY SAYS ... "Boy, am I going to teach that other cat manners!"
WHY I LOVE MY CATS ... "They give me more than I can ever give them."

Gil & Indy NAME ... Indy
AGE ... 10
BREED ... German Sheppard
HOME TOWN ... Littleton
COMPANION ... Gil Vickery
BUSINESS ... Techlink NH
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES ... Sports such as Tandem Biking, listening to Classic Rock music, traveling, and using the Internet.
WHY I LOVE MY DOG ... She means a lot to me because of her dedication to work, and with her I can travel just about anywhere. She's ready to go when I want to go.

*Indy is a Dog Guide that assists Gil in his daily activities so that he can travel independently. She has been trained as a Dog Guide from Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation.
Indy enjoys working, but in addition she likes to watch people, play in the yard, and of course just being a dog when she is not in harness.
INDY SAYS ... I love to work, and enjoy my family, but most of all I wait for Jim the mailman each day.
Indy has traveled with Gil all over the country, and even to foreign countries such as Mexico, and Canada. She likes to ride on airplanes.

Beau Hey there! Hay there? A little equine play on words, like "who's on first".... Jim, I have to tell you I am one happy horse! A rolling field surrounded by a white rail fence with a large run-in barn and a huge storage room full of hay, grain, blankets, and brushes. I've been jogging around the field and jumping over some logs left for that purpose...I'm in horse paradise!

Lots of noisy birds in the early a.m., but at least they don't down-shift as I doze. I can see my humans and they talk to me through the windows, and practically tuck me in at night. There are people here who walk along the lane, and they've stopped to visit me. Don't tell anyone, but I figured out how to crib on that fancy fence! They better get the old wood posts and rail here this weekend, or I might change my tastes. Thanks for letting me tell my story in the last Ammonoosuc Times. People stopped by and called to say good-bye. I was ready to leave on Saturday morning when my head human came with some friends to prepare me for the trip. I started up the ramp, took a last look around and walked in the trailer, ready for the next chapter in my life. As you've said, I'm a story with legs. Anything comes up over here, I'll be sure to give you an exclusive.
- Beau

Bailey NAME - Bailey.
BREED - Golden Retriever.
AGE - 6 weeks.
HOMETOWN - St. Johnsbury.
CompanionS - Brian and Erin Petelle.
BUSINESSES - Brian: Passumpsic Savings Bank (Littleton)
ERIN: Littleton Coin Company.
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES - Playing in the grass.
BAILEY SAYS - "I like my new home!"
WHY I LOVE MY DOG - "He's so cute!"

Izzy & Ozzie NAME - Izzie and Ozzie.
BREED - Lhasa Apso.
AGE - Izzie is 3 years. Ozzie is 9 months.
HOMETOWN - Littleton.
COMPANION - Abbie and Peg Buckley.
BUSINESS - Littleton Regional Hospital.
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES - Izzie: Riding in the car. Ozzie: Chewing on the cat.
IZZIE SAYS - "Why did you get Ozzie?"
OZZIE SAYS - "Where's the cat?"
WHY I LOVE MY DOGS - "They are the sunshine on a rainy day"

Thayers Inn doggie NAME - Julian of Thayers.
BREED - English Springer Spaniel.
AGE - 12 weeks.
HOMETOWN - Littleton.
COMPANION - Erin Gasper.
BUSINESS - Thayers Inn.
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES - Greeting guests!
JULIAN SAYS - "You're all here to see me, aren't you?"
WHY I LOVE MY DOG - "He's pure joy"

Doggies Pt.1 | Doggies Pt.2 | Doggies Pt.4 | Above The Notch Humane Society

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