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Pollyanna of Littleton, New Hampshire

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The Glad Shop is located at the Pollyanna Gateway!

Stop in, wave and let us know what you are glad about. The Glad Shop is owned by Veronica Francis, a proud Pollyanna, and features Glad Gifts for all ages. If you can't make it to Glad Town this year, you can still shop Pollyanna of Littleton Glad Gifts online here!

Pollyanna Glad Shop

Pollyanna of Littleton New Hampshire Pin

Pollyanna of Littleton New Hampshire Pin

A bright and cheerful yellow pin with the welcoming wave of the Pollyanna of Littleton, New Hampshire sculpture. A fun gift or keepsake to remind us all to look for little things to be glad about each day. $3/each includes shipping!

Pollyanna Rainbow Prism

Pollyanna Rainbow Prism

One day, Pollyanna spotted a rainbow in Mr. Pendleton's dreary bedroom. The rainbow was the result of sunlight refracted off a thermometer. Pollyanna was delighted to see this phenomenon. Mr. Pendleton went on to make an even more impressive rainbow by taking prism pendants from an old-fashioned candelabrum and hooking them onto a string hung across a window. To Pollyanna's amazement, the sunlight shone through the hanging crystals making the entire room light up with color. "We can make our own rainbows inside!" she exclaimed. Now, you can have your own Pollyanna Rainbow Prism to let your own colors shine through. Each handcrafted one-of-a-kind prism is unique in color and style. $15/each includes shipping!

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Pollyanna of Littleton New Hampshire Tee-Shirt

Be in style with a cool tee-shirt from Glad Town! 100% cotton Tee with the classic Pollyanna of Littleton, New Hampshire logo. Available in three colors. Real men wear Pollyanna T-shirts! $20/each includes shipping.

Pollyanna of Littleton NH Hat

Pollyanna of Littleton NH Hat

Wear your gladness proudly on your head with these one-of-a-kind Glad Baseball Caps. All cotton with an embroidered Pollyanna of Littleton. New Hampshire logo. The hats are adjustable and come in two colors - yellow or beige. $22/each includes shipping.

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Pollyanna Shopping Bag

Cheerful Shopping Bag

A fun, cheerful tote-bag made from recycled materials featuring the Pollyanna "Be Glad" Wave! Good size and sturdy bag for books, groceries or whatever you've got. Spread the gladness with this fun yellow tote.

Be Glad and Cool!

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91 Main Street
Littleton, NH 03561

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