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Pollyanna of Littleton, New Hampshire

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Pollyanna 2019 group wave

A Welcome Wave. Arms flung wide.
Pollyanna of Littleton -
New Hampshire's most welcoming attraction
is the centerpiece of historic downtown as an ambassador of cheer and community spirit for residents and visitors alike.

Littleton's jubilant bronze sculpture tributes hometown author, Eleanor H. Porter (1868 – 1920) best remembered as the creator of the world's most optimistic character, Pollyanna, 1913.

Eleanor Hodgman Porter’s early residence was in Littleton, and not so far from the Library front lawn…where fittingly Pollyanna, Littleton’s sculpture presides in an artistic and symbolic place “welcoming residents and visitors.” Read more about Eleanor Hodgman Porter....

The 2020 Pollyanna Glad Day Event will not be held this year due to the State of Emergency. Even though we all can't gather together this year, we can still enjoy the iconic and beautiful Pollyanna Sculpture any day while visiting downtown Littleton.

pollyanna in springtime

Pollyanna 2019 group wave
The Pollyanna 2019 Group Wave!

The Glad Town knows how to celebrate! All came out for Gladness and Cake!

2019 Glad Day was extra special this year with Littleton gladness being spread state wide! Read more....

pollyanna group wave
The 2018 Pollyanna Group Wave

Annual Pollyanna Glad Day Wave

Annual Pollyanna Glad Day Wave

Karen Keazerian
Karen Keazerian addresses the crowd in 2019

Each year one local citizen is awarded the "Pollyanna Signature Award".

Representative Linda Massimilla
Representative Linda Massimilla: 2019 Signature Award Honoree

Pollyanna Signature Award Honorees
The 2018 Pollyanna Signature Award Honorees: Erin and John Hennessey

pollyanna honorees
Pollyanna Signature Award Honorees from left to right: Brien Ward, 2010; Jim McIntosh, 2007; Dick Hamilton, 2009; Emile Birch, 2008; Donna Jordan, 2004; Deb Warner, 2011; Dave Ernsberger, 2012 (other recipients include: Jason Hoch, 2006; Jack and Ruth Colby, 2005; Fran Heald, 2003)
View more about the honorees here....

Flower Girls
Maidens of Honor 2019

Pollyanna in the News

Amazing Festivals (Hundreds of Hometown Celebrations)
Pollyanna of Littleton Glad Day is featured in "Amazing Festivals in 100 Hometown Celebrations"

Pollyanna of Littleton featured in NH To Do Magazine

Pollyanna in the Community

Red Hat Ladies
Red Hat Ladies: 2016

Pollyanna Gateway
Pollyanna Gateway opening ceremony August 2014

Dave Ernsberger
Dave Ernsberger addresses the crowd at The Pollyanna Gateway opening ceremony

student group
A group of students from France visiting Littleton, NH.

glad day group
Glad Day 2011

Littleton Parade 2011

2011 Glad day

Summerfest Parade 2009
Summerfest Parade 2009

Summerfest Parade 2009
Summerfest Parade 2009

2006 parade
Summerfest Parade 2006

2005 parade
2005 Littleton Parade

historic society
Historic Society Presentation at the Historic Littleton Community House June 14, 2006

Pollyanna of Littleton New Hampshire, Inc.
The official nonprofit organization of the bronze Pollyanna sculpture promotes, preserves, and enhances the literary legacy of Eleanor H. Porter and oversees the use and care of Pollyanna of Littleton as a public attraction, cultural asset, resource and positive inspiration for the community and others.

emile birchPollyanna of Littleton, New Hampshire was initiated through Littleton Main Street, Inc. and a grant from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts. Partnering grew to include the commission and generosity of The Eames Family, who engaged the fulfillment of the sculputure by New Hampshire artist, Emile Birch (pictured right with his wife, Cynthia); with the significant interest of the Littleton Public Library, Littleton Main Street, Inc., the Town of Littleton, Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce, Littleton Area Historical Society and many supportive community friends and officials. Pollyanna of Littleton New Hampshire, Inc. was established in 2002 by The Eames Family as a non-profit organization. Hats off to all our many Pollyanna supporters and so many who continue to show their enthusiam for this project.

Pollyanna's boot
Many visitors rub Pollyanna's boot for Good Luck!

Pollyanna of Littleton New HampshirePollyanna of Littleton New Hampshire, Inc.
P.O. Box 864
15 Main Street
Littleton, NH 03561

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Contact Pollyanna of Littleton About Eleanor Hodgman Porter Pollyanna Signature Awards

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