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Sad & tragic premature demise of Old Man of the mountains
The Old Man:
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The Old Man's New Profile?

THE	 OLD MAN'S NEW PROFILE?My name is Cathy Coutu and I live in Danbury, New Hampshire. I had lived in the White Mountains years ago and still consider it my home of peace.

The morning of the May 3, 2003 I was up very early for a Saturday. 5 o'clock to be exact... I walked out onto my deck that over looks a rocky area in my side yard. I stood there looking up into this area asking myself " what has happened up there " I stood there looking and not really understanding what I was looking at asking myself . DID the tree limbs fall ? Did I have a rock slide... what is going on up there ?

Well I left the deck and came in for coffee... started the morning and just forgot all about it.

Around 11:30 that same morning a good friend Pam called me and asked me if I had heard the news? I said what news ? The OLD MAN OF THE MOUNTAIN had fallen ! I said Pam," Don't even kid around like that .... That is not funny " she said. Cathy its true. well I went running thru the house calling out to my family EVERYONE GET UP !! BOB I have terrible News.... The OLD MAN of the MOUNTAIN has fallen.

Now fast forward to Mothers Day Weekend. Sunday, I had to go and see this for myself of the very sad loss of the OLD MAN ON THE MOUNTAIN. As Bob and I were driving thru the parkway I had him stop at all the turn offs. I had to take pictures at all stops I was feeling the loss from the beginning of the Notch in LINCOLN right to the OLD MAN VIEWING...

Upon entering the OLD MAN VIEWING area I was confronted with a sign out in front of the parking area "PRESS ONLY " well that made me not only angry but I felt another violation of my home of peace.

Well we disregarded the sign and pulled in ... Tears filled my eyes immediate I had such an empty feeling in my sole. I crossed over the parking lot away from the crowd and stood by my favorite rock to look at the ONCE OLD MAN ON THE MOUTAIN.
As I stood there wiping my eyes I positioned the camera for the shot that I had taken so many times before. I took just two pictures of that MOUNTAIN and said lets go...

As We got in the car I viewed the pictures that I took. TO MY SURPRISE I said " BOB, there is another profile up there !! " LOOK ... he didn't see what I saw not until we got home. Now I would like the world to see that this is a new PROFILE up there just look and see that NATURE HAS DONE IT AGAIN....

Thank you

Catherine Coutu

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