GoLittleton.com in 2003

Our first website featured chatroom discussions with local leaders, opinion polls and the famous Pizza Reviews! Interesting of how the topics are still relevant today! Pictured below is the first homepage of GoLittleton in 2003.

Twenty Years: goLittleton.com

Twenty Years: GoLittleton.com

Littleton in 2003 - when we were all thought flip phones were cool! It was before Wi-Fi and any Internet connection was hard find in the area. There was no covered bridge and Mill Street area was a little sketchy. There were empty downtown storefronts and downtown merchants were scared of the new Walmart that just moved to town. The Meadow still had some cows instead of box stores. The World Wide Web was just starting to come to life in the North Country and many were just discovering the power of the web. There was no social media networks, just chatrooms, and the local high school intern, Chad Stearns, was the only one working on a town website!

We admired Chad's contribution to the town back then and thought Littleton deserved a website that represented the spirit of the community. Pollyanna was just unvieled in 2022, yet none of us really understood the power of her message. We laughed at it, yet the nation took notice and Littleton was awarded a prestigious Main Street of America Award. Which gave a great reason for a parade!

Meanwhile, Notchnet WebWorks, was busy building websites for local businesses and teaching classes on how to surf the web. We taught Mouse Clicking 101 for many years. In April of 2003, there was a fun launch party at The Italian Oasis with a wired internet connection provided by the local cable company. With the support of over 20 businesses who agreed to advertise on the new website, we cut the ribbon around an old PC, cracked some champagne and launched the first community website for Littleton, NH - GoLittleton.com! Since that time, the team at Notchnet has continued to update the website with weekly news/events and always trying new features. We've seen local leaders come and go over the years, yet kept the website, political-free, optimistic and resourceful for visitors and locals alike. The website continues to top Internet searches and is linked from hundreds of other websites related to Littleton.

As we celebrate our 20th year, Littleton is thriving and actually hip! We're proud to be a part of this vibrant community and excited to have younger locals join our team to venture further into the digital world. (Kuba and Allie, our video team, were in pre-school when we started the site!) Twenty years later, we're still glad to be in Littleton, NH - live and online.
Thanks, Littleton.

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